Miu Miu Fringe Bag

  1. Hey Ladies!

    Anyone know in what other colours this Bag comes in?

    I (think) I know it comes in grey, light beige and rosé/skin colour and in black and in white?
    IS that right?

    IN GREY- Big Version with Messanger Handles (can also be worn cross-body):

    In BEIGE - Same size- just no Messanger Handle:​


    In BLACK - a different version of this collection - (dont like it so much- reminds me of the Gucci Hobo - and all of these bags are pretty big!)

    In WHITE - a different version - no fringe​

    GREY again- just different shape:​


    And in POWDER (Light Rosé - Skin Colour) - the Big version with messanger Handles:​

    All Versions of these leather woven leather bags are available in all colours:

    Now which colour do u like the most??? All bags are pretty big (Totes) -Day Bags..
    And what version do u like the most?

    I'd be very happy if you ladies could give me some opinion here!​


    Thanks a Lot- Saskia:woohoo:
  2. no opinions here ladies?:crybaby:
  3. I like the rose color! very pretty and girly. Then I would go for grey followed by beige. I like the bags with shoulder straps (i like options!:smile:... the rose one looks like it has the extra strap. Good luck with your decision :smile: - they're all pretty bags...
  4. thanks marose28:smile: