Miu Miu flats and Sale at Saks.com

  1. There's a sale at Saksfifthavenue.com. I picked up two Miu Miu Naplak Patch Spectator flats (one in rosso and another in nudo). The SA told me they were fit true to size.

    Does Anyone have Miu miu flats?? Are they comfy?? Are they TTS?
  2. I have them! They are true to size...however the elestic can dig into your heel a bit...it took me about a month or so to break them in but now they are great! I don't know if getting a half size bigger would make a difference but my feet are really narrow so I couldn't afford the extra width. Hope that helps a bit!
  3. Thanks so much!! I'm really looking forward to them!! I know they're not as comfy as my lanvin, but they were a good deal. :smile: