miu miu flats 1 size larger?

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  1. i usually wear US size 6.5 or 7, and i'm eyeing a pair of flats on eBay that are 7.5 do you think they'll fit ok or be really annoyingly large? i'm willing to put in insoles, but those can only help so much..

  2. it depends, are they regular or patent leather? if they are patent leather you could be fine as they run a bit small but regular leather then it could be too big. I am a size 10 and I tried on a size 11 miu miu flats and they were definitely too big.
  3. Hmm, they're the denim style. I'm buying them off eBay. So..neither? Haha :smile: thanks for you help
  4. mmm then I don't know...I have no experiencie trying on denim from miu miu...
  5. MM is pretty consistent on me regardless the material..
    I always take 36 in their shoes (leather, silk or suede).

    So I may offer opinion from my own experience, 7.5 might be big on you if you usually take 6.5 or 7.
    Can you perhaps try a similar style and material from the shop and see how it fits you? :smile: