Miu Miu Fall Handbag Preview

  1. Classic shapes, fun hues and sophisticated styles sum up the sumptuous handbags created by Miu Miu for the fall. The ever-beautiful Laetitia Casta competes with these stunning handbag creations for attention and almost succeeds, but the arm candy featured in this yummy ad campaign featuring a model (finally!) reigns supreme.
    senora cartera
    Miu%2BMiu%2BFall%2B07%2BCollection.jpg Miu%2BMiu%2BFall%2B07%2BCollection%2B02.jpg Miu%2BMiu%2BFall%2B07%2BCollection%2B03.jpg Miu%2BMiu%2BFall%2BHandbag%2Bpics.jpg
  2. I really like the first bag.
  3. Me too! I also love the spring satchel in grey. If I could track one down in brown, I'd snap it up.
  4. I LLOOVVEE the grey bag so much! OMG, stunning!!! Thanks for posting these lovely pics! :smile:
  5. I like the first one the best :tup:
  6. Love the first bag but I sort of wish the hardware was silver....hmmm....need to see it in person, thanks for the pictures.
  7. I love the first bag too! Are its buckles silver but lock is gold??? Or it is just the way the photo was taken?
  8. I pre-ordered a very similar bag to the second one from Saks. It's supposed to be shipped by Oct. 30. The only difference is it has a shoulder strap. Not sure if it's removable or not, but it's so gorgeous I don't care either way. I got it in Paeonie.
  9. I like #1 and #3..but I so #3 IRL today and it was smaller than I thought
  10. Love that first one! Also loving the glamourous hair/makeup/styling on so many of these ad campaigns...deep red lipstick, etc. So elegant!!
  11. I want them all.
  12. i love the first one - seems good for a everyday bag. but i don't like the grey color...

    first of all on my wishlist: miumiu sunglasses!