Miu Miu Fall 07 bag... St Cocco?

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  1. Hi guys,
    I haven't found any other thread on this bag, so I hope it's ok to start one.

    I found this bag on Raffaello:
    stcocco rafaello.jpg

    stcocco noir rafello.jpg
    I think it's really cute!
    It looks like the bag in Latetita Casta's ad, but bigger...


    And I found this partial pic on the Miu Miu site, from the outtakes of the photoshoot...


    I'm starting to get a lil obsessed :graucho:
    and though stalking checking other sites I have found that it could be called St Cocco.
    There's the St Cocco tote, whihc has a zipper, the Bugatti, which has only one compartment, and the east-West, which could be the one in Latetitia's ad.

    Does anyone have this bag, or know it?

    What do you think of it? :sweatdrop:
  2. [​IMG]
    looks squishy... :p
  3. I love the one that looks a bit like a doctor's bag. I saw it in the paper this weekend and came here to find out about it. And it's reasonably priced!
  4. I'm getting confused as well! I've seen the "Laetitia ad nude bag" and the grey one from Rafaello in real life and it's a really GORGEOUS bag. :tup:

    I think that's the same bag but the grey is a larger version (same length I think but much taller.)

    Definitely my favorite among the Fall/Winter bags!

    The Laetitia ad nude bag has THREE zippers, that's the difference I think with the other new F/W bags that have a similar design but only ONE zipper.

    The Laetitia ad nude bag is PERFECT, I think. Beautiful hardware and leather combination (loving the nude/pink color) and the size is perfect for an everyday bag.

    According to my local boutique, the Laetitia ad nude bag is being sold on a limited edition and ONLY in the Miu Miu boutiques.

    They're selling this bag in other colors like black and grey and patent white etc in other places, but the nude in that size is only being sold in a few boutiques.
  5. Just wanted to add, the grey one (same as the Laetitia ad bag) is nice in person but looks way too much like a travel bag, not like an everyday bag.

    The Laetitia ad bag was pre-sold out in my local boutique :confused1:
  6. I tried the larger one yesterday at Miu Miu and it does look a lot like a travel bag but its really gorgeous. I think if you traveled with it you'd wind up being the chicest traveller ever :smile: I liked it more than the smaller version actually but I still think I'm going to go for the Vitello Lux instead.
  7. I saw it in person and I thought the grey one is way too big for daily use.
    I saw a smaller version, in pink. It was cute but too "thick". It would stick out a lot on me.
    So I guess it's neither, nor!
  8. i'm obsessing over some f/w 07 bags now :shame: does anyone own this one? would like to see it worn on the shoulders. is this the laeticia one? tia!
  9. I love the grey, larger version of the Laetitia bag but it is completely sold out. :crybaby:The color is very unique... Though I didn't see the pink one in real life so can't compare.

    Both Raffaello and Styledrops have it, but with a $200-$300 mark up.

    When I called the NY boutique last week, the Laetitia bag (east-west) in grey is still available.
  10. Girls,is below what you call the nude/pink of Laetitia ?? Or did I just illusionize myself under MiuMiu effect? It says caramel colour but blah,I'm sure something else is there on the tag.I love the St.Cocco line but not the croc-alike,the plain leather ones. Laetita's bag is soo adorable,I would wear those socks with heels voluntarily if they told me they told me the bag was mine:p
  11. ...here comes the link: