Miu Miu evening bag came from net-a-porter~

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  1. Love! :yahoo: Good deal too, I think it was only like $270. Anyway, I'm not sure what to wear it with yet, as it's navy and I tend to wear black to go out, but I'll figure something out! Silly as it sounds, this little clutch makes me feel better about never getting a Coffer. I really like the pleating or whatever you call it. I would post a pic modeling it, but I'm in my PJ's now. Do you like? :shame:

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  2. ^ It's cute, I like it. Looking forward to your modeling pics. =)
  3. that's really pretty, i love the velvet.
    and if i were you i would wear it with black. i'm always mixing black and navy, all you would need is another tiny detail in navy and you can totally get away with mixing it with black.
  4. cute!!!
    very young but elegant!
  5. It is really elegant... lovely for nights out
  6. Very lovely, perfect for New Year's Eve!!
  7. really pretty...and a great deal too:P
  8. gorgeous, I adore the clasp, its such a beauty - congrats

    I got the same colour in the evening coffer today too ;)

    such gorgeous bags
  9. oooh i just found this! :smile: i only left you a pm too... now what we need are... modelling pics!!!