Miu Miu Dress Sizes

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  1. Hi all!

    Do any of you own any Miu Miu dresses? I'm thinking of getting one but unsure about the sizing as usual, lol. I'm thinking of an XL - I usually wear 12 - 14 in women's dresses and the site says the equivalent is like a US 12. Do you think this will fit?

    I've compared my measurements and they seem to be OK...and the dress is made of modal so I think it'll have a good stretch.

    Anyone have any input? Thank you :smile::graucho:
  2. Assuming you are ordering, I would not get one unless you can return it. For almost every other brand I am a 10 in pants and 12 in dresses, and none of the MM clothes come close to fitting me. Oh, I have a Prada skirt in a 10.
  3. Thank you for sharing this with me! I've ordered it and I'm crossing my fingers for the best...but there is a return option if it doesn't work out..this dress was just too gorgeous to not try!! lol. Thanks again;)