Miu Miu drawstring pocket - opinions?

  1. Hello there! I don't have a miu miu, but i saw the drawstring pocket bag the other day and somehow its image keeps popping up in my head. any recommendations from this miu miu owners??
    miu miu.jpg
  2. P.S. the downside to this bag is that it has a canvas strap. I wonder if there's any way to buy a matching leather strap (esp. for the cement color)?
  3. Anyone know the dimensions of these two bags?
  4. my god that's attractive!
  5. Be warned Prada and Miu Miu are very funny about their straps. I tried to get a leather strap for my Prada e/w satchel and no dice. Was told it was designed with a canvas one so there was no way Prada would supply another -it's the same with Miu Miu.
    My advice, don't buy it unless you can live with the canvas strap.
  6. According to net-a-porter, the smaller one is:
    15.5" W x 8.5" H x 4.5" D

    Here's their photo of it on a mannequin:

  7. Couldn't you just find a bag that has the same color leather & comes w/a leather strap, and then ask for that strap? That's what I was thinking...
  8. Honestly its not my favorite Miu Miu style, but if you like it, go for it!
  9. I don't think the pics here are doing it justice ... I saw it in a NM catalog and it was much more gorgeous ... but I have to admit I haven't seen it in person yet.
  10. has anyone seen the cement color in real life?? i think the bag is gorgeous!;)
  11. Saw that bag today in Barney's and thought it was really really cute !!