Miu Miu double-zip leather bowler...

  1. Does anyone have this from the miu miu resort collection?
    I've seen this online at bergdorf.com :http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/store/catalog/prod.jhtml?itemId=prod27710005&parentId=cat265400&masterId=cat235702&index=4&cmCat=cat000000cat257221cat260101cat261004cat235702cat265400

    My question is, is this very light in weight and is it durable? I'm looking for a work bag, and after seeing this in the "Celebs with their..." thread, I love it even more in grey!

    Any input would be so helpful...TIA!:yes:
  2. Eek, I don't own this bag but it is SUPER gorgeous!!!! I hope someone else can chime in and let us know how it is!
  3. Agree that this is gorgeous too :smile: I'd buy it if I could afford another Miu Miu...
  4. ha ha..I've been checking this page consistently to see if anyone has responded! I love love this bag...it looks so soft! Have you seen the one in the "Celebs with Prada/Miu Miu" thread? The grey one is TDF!!!
  5. [​IMG]

    do you mean this one? it looks great!
    check out Bluefly this morning, they have some that look similar, I'm just not sure about the sizes.
  6. yeah..that's the one (ha ha...have been too lazy to copy and paste the pic)
    i looked at the BlueFly one..looks surprisiningly similar...I can't believe the bag weighs 4.5 lbs! Isn't that pretty hefty?
  7. yes, I was looking at the small size that is 3.5 lbs - it's hard to believe, it must be some thick leather.
  8. Hi, I have this bag ! In black. I have just posted pics in the 'authenticate this' thread because it is one of my first ever designer bags and I'm wanting to make sure it is legit. No responses yet...
    I got mine from Raffaello Network (that's the part I'm a bit unsure about) and I think it is authentic, it's super heavy that's for sure !!!! I must admit it is not that good for carrying much around in because it is so heavy that when you add a couple of books, a diary, a bottle of water and other stuff it kinda hurts to carry it ! Plus the smaller handels only fit in your hand and you have to use the larger, longer, thinner one to put it on your shoulder and that kinda digs in...
  9. i've tried this in shop, real heavy even it's empty...
  10. I tried this in the store.

    The leather is very thick but it also makes the bag heavy.

    The short handles also make it inconvenient to get at things, either you keep having to unzip or you leave the bag unzipped.

    Carried messenger style, it didn't look as good. But then again, I'm no 6 foot celebrity. :yes:

    In my opinion, it's just too bulky and heavy. Not sure if you would mind a heavy purse as your daily work purse.
  11. I ended up buying the small size from Bluefly - I really don't find it heavy
    I like all the sections, I thought that they might be confusing, but it's very organized. I love all the gold zippers, they really snazz up a simple bag and make it special.
    I don't know if I would ever use the shoulder strap, it's kind of a wide bag to carry messenger-style.