Miu Miu - double handles bauletto aperto vs single handle coffer?

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    Which of these two bags would you ladies recommend? These are the small versions as I think the regular/large size would be too big for me - it only needs to be big enough to hold my phone, wallet, a few makeup items & Kindle, and I'm not a fan of super heavy bags.

    I'm new to Miu Miu and am not sure of the proper names for either of these styles. Pics were found on google.

    Double handles - bauletto aperto matelassé

    Less stress is placed on each handle so they'll last longer.
    Easier to access.

    I don't think this one has a zip, so I'm concerned about things falling out if the bag was accidentally turned upside down.

    Single handle - I think this is a coffer? :hrmm:

    I probably prefer the way it looks.
    Flap + zip makes it more secure.

    1 handle.
    Flap means hassle to access the contents.

    Any input much appreciated! :biggrin:

    Edited to add - got the name of the first bag!
  2. I have the first bag and love it. It fits so much because of its shape and getting in and out of it is easy. As long as you lock it I've never had issues with things falling out. There are also side snaps that help close in the opening. The only thing is that it's not really a shoulder bag. I usually carry it on my arm or hold the handles. You can also wear it crossbody. The coffee might be more comfortable as a shoulder bag. Good luck deciding. Miu miu is addictive especially the maletasse leather!
  3. Thank you for the info!

    I just had browse through the reference library, really like the look of the big coffer when carried... not sure if it would be too heavy though. Keep jumping from one to the other, I'm seriously indecisive :p
  4. I love the coffer bag! It's so practical and looks gorgeous! It's not too heavy..
  5. Another vote for the coffer! It looks beautiful!
  6. Thanks everyone :biggrin:

    Starting to lean towards the coffer...
  7. I also have the first bag and am loving it! Like you said it's easier to access and the depth is actually deeper than the coffer which I like because once I open the lock I can see what I have in my bag. I've never had any problem falling things out as side snaps help to adjust the width of the opening. But the coffer you can put maybe 1 or 2 magazines. It really depends on how you want to use it.
  8. I also have the 1st bag and I do not like it. It cannot be used as a shoulder bag because the strap is too long and it is not comfortable as a crossbody. The reason is that the bag is too deep to be comfortable against the body. A zipper is not necessary because the strap is wide enough to block the opening as the last person said but it is a pain to snap it open and closed. A little too much hardware for a fairly small bag. When I purchased this I also tried on the coffer and it seemed to smash down on the top when I put my usual items in it-wallet/phone/eyeglasses/small cosmetic bag. I would suggest looking at Prada bags. I have considered selling my bag but it is barely used and I know I would lose alot of money. hope this helps you decide!
  9. I actually love the Grey one. I have it in black but then I'm more of a hand held bag than shoulder bag girl. I love the Grey color too.