miu miu dark brown coffer

  1. Hi - i've just been given miu miu dark brown coffer for xmas, - does anyone know if the stud hardware on the the long strap handle has a screw type back or plain back.(hope you know what i mean!)hope i havent got a fake - don't know how else to tell. help appreciated, also what if miu miu is printed not raised on key fob. Kind regards to you all
  2. Try posting pics in the "Authenticate this Prada/Miu Miu" thread at the top of the page. They'll be able to help you there but they will need to see photos.
  3. There are no screw-type hardware on the long strap. If I understand you correctly, the back of the stud on the longstrap (which there are one on each end of the longstrap), is not a screw type back. It is smooth and round with no markings on it whatsoever. Also, the Miu Miu on the key fob must be raised lettering. If your lettering is printed and not raised.......I'm afraid that you received a fake......................sorry. :s