Miu Miu color-block flat - Hecho En Italia????

  1. I just received my Miu Miu color Block flat from Neimans online and am so confused!!!!!!!!! why does it say Hecho En Italia and have a huge white sticker at the bottom of the sole with import information from MEXICO???


    the NAP photo show a different tag

    do you think Neiman send me a fake miu miu flat??
    i am so upset and sick...........
  2. have you contacted Neiman's about this? if so, what did they say? i was skeptical of a YSL muse handbag I recently ordered because the keys looked totally different from the keys that came on one I saw in the YSL store, but attributed the difference as maybe due to being from different seasons.
  3. no, the CS didn't response, but it's very poorly made (with glues and cuts on the side, the sole not line up correctly), so i just returned it as a defective.
  4. omg hk318!

    That's horrible! Thank you for this insight. I will be *alot* more careful w/what I receive from NM from now on with that advice. I wonder if I would have realized it?? I just don't know. I take it for granted that it's coming from NM and it's authentic. Not anymore after this thread.

    TIA! :flowers:

    and glad you were able to get your money back. Sending it back as defective is probably the easiest way to do it. Did you hear back from them??? Just curious.
  5. Aww hate to hear that. They're gorgeous in the pics!
  6. Glad you sent it back -- I think any store that has a liberal return policy (which Neiman's has) can be a victim to someone "returning" a fake designer item when they purchased a real one. The people doing the restocking aren't experts in this stuff after all.
  7. This is so unbelievable! So many fake items floating around. How can we be sure again that what we're getting are the real thing when buying from reputable stores?
  8. Aiyaiyai! I hope NM's CS responds to you soon with an explanation of sorts. Good luck!