miu miu coffer

  1. I got coffer suede bag and do not know how to take care of them?
    Yesterday it rained and got little wet?
    Call me paranoid, I was afraid that its going to create some kind of nasty smell or something..
    Please advise freely on taking care of the bag.

  2. keep all suede out of the rain. water is the suede's worst enemy!
  3. I would let it airdry on a flat surface. And no more rain goes near that bag!!
  4. one more thing, Do I always have to lock the bag? I carried my books to school and I need to open them whenever I am in the class. If I don't lock them, the metal scratched and I can see the lines on the key pad area.
  5. ^^ that was my problem too. i hate locking/closing/zipping up bags. it's not that bad though - the scratches.
  6. Definitely keep that bag out of the rain! Sadly, since I live in Seattle I have to prepare for getting caught in sudden rain storms since it rains so much here. In fact, it's raining right now! I went to a professional leather cleaner and they treated my suede purses with a chemical spray that protects the material from rain. It didn't change the color or feel of the material at all.
  7. I have a Suede & Leather Protector by Wilsons. It says protects against water, stains and dirt. They have a website, but I just checked it and they didn't sell the spray online. I bought it at the store. Its in a metal aerosol can. Its worth a try.