miu miu coffer white?

  1. hello!i'm new and i,m italian girl.Ilike a lot your forum and your experience in bags! can you help me?
    do you know if the coffer has silver or gold hardware? the silver have the small handle or there is only the model with shoulder strap? have you photos of the silver?I saw lindsay lohan with white miu miu but only in the campaign..can you help me?thank thank thank..
  2. The white or ivory coffer has gold hardware - check out net-a-porter.com who is currently stocking the white coffer. It is absolutely gorgeous!!;)
  3. so is the silver one of the spring/summer 2007 with lindsay another model?/Users/flora/Desktop/miumiu2_1.jpg
  4. i'm dying for that white w/ silver hardware one too...i think it's patent leather
  5. thank you!the silver is really patent leather and it has only shoulder strap. the re's also with gold hardware with sholder strap and in white leather.the one with handle is cera and not white,and have gold hardware.thank to all.you are beatiful!!!
  6. The coffer has white in both silver and gold hardware.

    Patent white is with the silver buckle

    White leather is with gold buckle.

    They also have it in white leather in silver buckle but with only the long sling like lindsay lohan is carrying.

    My aunty is in Rome right now and she says there is stock in the stores for the white coffer with gold hardware and also the silver one with the long sling. Maybe u would like to try going down to the miu miu store and check it out.