Miu Miu Coffer White-creamy

  1. Hello!I want to buy this Miu Miu coffer bag very much,but i've heard that it is avalaible only in a few countries.Can you please tell where it is avalaibe to buy?Thanx!
    1MIUMIUReese3.jpg miuRR1300wh.jpg
  2. Someone did a really bad job of stuffing/photoing that Styledrops bag -- what I liked so much about the pic of the one Reese had on was the shape and drape of it (unless she had her stylist stuff it out before wearing it -- tee hee).
  3. Yes,its the same bag...but why it looks so weird on a pic.I also found it on Saks.com but only a photo of white one and they are selling the camello one...dont understand?:confused1:
  4. ^^^Lots of those websites, especially Neiman Marcus, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman don't bother changing the stock photo when the inventory changes. So a lot of times you may see, using your example, a pic of the white, but only the camello is available. I HATE THAT! I get so excited thinking I'm finding a bag in the color I want only to click the drop down box and see they only have it in another color.

    As to why it looks weird on Styledrops, all I can say is their photography skills leave a LOT to be desired there! But no worries, it's the real thing!
  5. i don't think it's limited to europe only like the last time..i just saw it at miu miu singapore store if that helps..i believe HK carries it too..and the leather looks absolutely YUMMY:drool::drool::drool: but the downside of this colour is that darker colour tend to transfer easily..the one in the store had foundation mark and denim transfers!!! EWWWWW
  6. Where are you located? I saw this bag in this colour in a store in Bath, UK, on Saturday. It is a lovely cream colour. It might be worth calling them as perhaps they would post it to you. The shop is called Square and it's in Milsom Street, Bath.
  7. I love this color and am thinking of ordering this as well as a brown one. But if it has color transfer, that would be REALLY BAD! I don't want my beautiful ivory colored purse to turn blue from my jeans!!! For those of you who have this color, what have been your experiences thus far? Thanks!
  8. I live in Armenia,yerevan and here isnt any miu miu store...but i asked about that because i'm going to vacation next month and wanted to know where i can find the creamy one.about the colour to turn darker...i dont think so...i dont think it will happen with the designer brand...well,maybe i'm wrong...but if it realy happens why it is called to be a designer brand with good materials ?:confused1:
  9. I love the coffer in white too. I saw it once at Saks Boston, but it was sold almost too soon for me to take a second glance.
  10. that bag is really cute! I didn't realize that was Reese on the photo ;)

    good luck with your purchase!