Miu Miu Coffer - Which colour?

  1. Hi all,
    I need help...I can't make up my mind which colour to buy my Coffer in! :confused1:
    I was thinking of getting it in black because I would get more use out of it but the white is DIVINE :drool: ....I was thinking of buying the Chloe Bay in white though so I don't want two white bags. It's also available in red which sounds GORGEOUS....and if I buy it in red then I can get my Stam in black! :yahoo:
    What do y'all think? Does anyone have the Coffer in red?
    Thanks guys!
  2. I own the chocolate suede Coffer which I adore becouse of its relic treatment.
    Consider it
  3. I haven't seen the Coffer in red. I have the cream which I think is the loveliest colour ever but admittedly it is quite high maintenance. The next colour I like is the chocolate brown leather :smile:
  4. I'd go with red or suede!
  5. I ADORE the cream but I don't know if I could keep it clean....I'm thinking of getting it though because it's so summery and I want a white and a black bag and I want a Stam in black so I think I'll go for cream....it also doesn't help that I'm in the most indecisive mood EVER today....I WANT THEM ALL!!!!
  6. Chocolate brown leather. It'll go with everything.
  7. I have it in cream. Its so beautifull with the gold hardwear. The leather is so so soft. I say cream or the brown suede which looks great for this type of bag.
  8. Hmmm, all my clothes are black or white or grey so I think I'll have to get either black or cream because brown just won't go...and the cream is more of a stand-out colour so I think I'll get that.
    Thanks for the advice though! Hope your bag serves you well :smile:
  9. I think I'll go with the cream, the leather looks softer and more luxurious in cream than in black. Do you find it difficult to keep clean though?
  10. OMG i am having exactly the same dilemma right now, i have decided that i want Coffer but i am having trouble with choosing colour. I was thinking that brown is beautiful but can't decide light brown or dark brown!
  11. Cream is such a gorgeous color and it'll be perfect for spring/summer. I also think it will compliment your wardrobe wonderfully!
  12. Actually, I think a brown bag with black or grey looks very chic.
  13. ^^ Yessss, I agree!
  14. I'm still vascillating on whether or not to get this bag. Right now I'm leaning toward saving my money and going for a more classic Prada bag. I've promised myself no more "it" bags, but I just LURVE the Coffer!
  15. I've had it, and I am definately getting another one!! The brown one was the cool edge to my outfits, it was the light on a dark day! It made my closet whole:heart: :heart: :heart: