Miu Miu Coffer: Trendy or Classic?

  1. Any thoughts on this? I love the Coffer--such a great bag, and the leather is fabulous....but I promised myself no trendy bags till I am done paying off med school loans. Do you all think the Coffer has staying power??

  2. I think they are not done redoing it, breaking up bits of it and reconfiguring it for new seasons. So... the idea of it will probably be around for a while yet. It is, after all, a very successful bag.

    Ultimately, it is probably a bit of a trend bag, in and of itself.

    I do firmly believe, however, that if you love this bag -- for itself, and beyond the trend-- that you ought to simply buy it and enjoy it.
  3. I think it's a classic, it's quite a retro shape and retro is almost always in... It will always come back.
  4. I love the Coffer, trendy or not. It is the perfect bag IMO. :yes:
  5. I believed it will be a classic.. coz of the design..
  6. well, we make th classics by wearing them after the :trend: has died down , so I say sure it is a classic.
  7. I never pick anything based on whether or not it's trendy. I'm like the others: if you love it and you're going to use it for a long time that's all that matters.
  8. I think it's definitely classic. I made the mistake of buying trendier bags in the past. Now I think, "Can I wear this when I'm 50? 60?" I also consider the cost per wear. Being that this bag is not cheap and that it very rarely goes on sale, I applaud you for thinking this purchase through.
  9. I just got one and think it is a classic. Love the style.
  10. ITA a very sexy classic!!
  11. I love wearing this bag -- trendy or not! But I think it has a classic style -- agreeing here with the retro look of it...
  12. Classic!!
  13. I love this bag. In fact, I just bought one!! I think the style is quite classic and beautiful...
  14. Great point. :tup:
  15. I think it is a great bag.