MIU MIU COFFER strap question

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  1. Hi im new here, and have a coffer question.

    i notice the strap on the coffer is non-adjustable, does anyone find that a problem? espcially for short girls?

    Was thinking of hunting down for a coffer here in london.

  2. i just got my coffer and yeah the shoulder strap is a bit too long for me, but i dont really wear my bags like that anyway cz i just put them over my arm so it duznt bother me too much.
  3. i have no problem with the strap...i ue it a lot...coffer is a very realiable bag...i have noce color..love it :smile:
  4. Nah, no problem with the strap. When I use the longer strap, I'm mostly wearin' it messenger style. Cos I pretty much always use it with the shorter, braided strap. But, when I hafta get something out of the bag, I'll throw it on my shoulder, using the longer strap, get what I'm lookin' for and go right back to the shorter strap.