Miu Miu Coffer = Owl??

  1. I just feel that they look alike... what d'ya think? :nuts:
    Coffer green.jpg BarredOwl.jpg 0404352331261_CCAMMELLO_275x275.jpg
  2. the owl is green , lol. I have seen people call the coffer a sharpee dog. I love my coffer!!! lol
  3. LOL
    that's hilarious!
    you have such a creative mind!
    ; )
  4. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


    So.... I love coffers AND Owls ???

  5. LMAO..ummm..MAYBE........HEEHEE...
  6. lol- I now find the coffer cuter than ever :p
  7. Lol.
  8. Ohhh wow...it does look like an owl! In a good way.:yes:
  9. LOL.....They do look alike!
  10. totally look alike
  11. when it first came out, i was like this is SUCH A "IT" bag, well my hubby said OMG it LOOKS LIKE A HELLO KITTY BAG, and never again i thought of getting it...i went to Saks just to take a good look at it, well, it DOES LOOK LIKE A NEW PET ON MY ARM --> OWL OR HELLO KITTY :true:
  12. LMAO! That's MY bag too! The title of this thread got my attention; had to check it out. I gotta find out how to clean it or where I can take it to be cleaned. Was hoping to find some info here at tPF. Anywho, back to topic, I always thought these bags resembled those little, wrinkly dogs... I forget what they're called.
  13. it looks like an owl's face, but the folds make it look like a bulldog.

    either way, it's super cute. :p
  14. Love owls and love my coffer. Also looks a bit like a pug dog, I think.
  15. awwww. i love owls!!! i want an owl plus a coffer. then i could wear both simultaneously and be carted off to an institution!! :biggrin: