Miu Miu Coffer - Over and Done or Classic?

  1. I've been advised by my physical therapist that I should be using a cross-body bag more often than not, and had looked at Coffers last spring, though I didn't buy one. I'm now trying to find a couple of stylish cross-body bags and saw that the Coffer is still available. I like the style but because it's so distinct, worry that it's more trendy. (I could just shoot myself for having sold my bow satchel late last year!)

    Or maybe this new style...
  2. The Coffer is a classic and timeless!! If you look around this forum about Coffers, you will see my posts where I am constantly saying that I love the style, size and convenience it offers. Whenever I go shopping or anywhere that I walk alot, I wear the Coffer messenger style because it balances the weight evenly and I have both hands freed up! I absolutely LOVE the Coffers!! :love:
  3. Definitely listen to miu2~~ She's our resident Coffer Queen! ;) She knows the ins and outs of the bag so to speak. I got snubbed on a sale bag from Barney's and it still pains me not to have this luscious bag in my collection! I went to Saks today and tried on the prugna and I felt my heart break when I felt the leather! It's soooo dreamy and classic!!! It's very comfy to carry both on the shoulder and crossbody and not sure where you are but where I live, I have yet to see one being carried IRL. It's iconic IMHO and you can dress it up or down. One day this bag will be mine....one day.

    Definitely take the plunge!!! The other bag you posted is not my cup of tea personally!

  4. Is the Coffer a heavy bag?
  5. I had the satchel version from Bluefly - I returned it (not because I didn't like it, it was just bad $ timing at Christmas), I thought I could get it when it reappeared again - and it HASN'T shown up once on Bluefly. I would buy it again in a minute.
    It is very lightweight and the leather amazingly soft.
    Sassy AND sophisticated - I like the flexibility of handles and/or strap for messenger-style
  6. The coffer's a classic if you ask me!
  7. Definitely a must-have for a MIU MIU!! Coffer!
  8. Coffer is the best Miu Miu IMO. I think it's very classic. I want a pink one.
  9. Heavy? I'd say no. It's lambskin, which is a lighter weight leather. Of course it depends what you put in it. One thing I love about Coffers is the two large front pockets which distribute the weight very well if you use them and I do because they are so useful. I have to carry a blackberry and cell everyday for work. I also have two key rings, one for work and one for home. All of those things fit nicely in the pockets with room to spare. That leaves the rest of the bag for wallet, cosmetics case and tons of room to spare for extra stuff. When i carry it on my arm or cross-body I do not find it heavy at all. The only time I find it heavier is on the shoulder, which I just don't do.

    I can truly say that a couple of times, I wore my Coffer walking all over Paris, hours, all day long with lots of extra stuff (maps, address book, very small gifts, brochures, camera, batteries, etc...) and I was not bothered. I wore her mostly cross-body with the occasional switch to my arm. She served me really well!
  10. Minette, you had me at "walking all over Paris." Sold! :yes:

    Thanks everyone for your input. Sounds like a trip to Saks is in order to see in person.
  11. The Coffer is the one designer bag I own that I use ALL the time. I have it in brown suede and I just love it. It is timeless, and can be worn on the shoulder or cross-body. I get so many complements about the bag!
  12. I own a Coffer in black lambskin and it became an "accidental" workhorse in my collection, so as to speak.
    I only expected to carry it using the shoulder strap but it looks nice too when slung across the body using the longer strap. Plus, it's the bag I reach for when I can't figure out which bag to use - it's just so versatile - you'll definitely get lots of mileage out of it.
    Plus, the lambskin is just so soft and it just gets better the more I use it (I also use Vectra on it too).
    I don't think you'll regret getting one!
  13. What is Vectra?
  14. So one more decision: Brown or black????
  15. Having had both brown and black, my vote is for black!! :yes: