Miu Miu Coffer or MJ Stam?

  1. Hi all! ****Warning...long post...please bear with me. :shame:

    Since this is about both Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs, I decided to post in the regular handbag thread to see what responses I get.

    For those of you who know me in the MJ subforum, some of you may have followed my MJ Stam drama/trauma. To recap for those who don't know, I purchased a Camel Stam in June and the handles completely discolored within a few wears; I went to exchange it for a black one, but my local NM did not have it and other stores did not want to charge-send it because it's a "hot" item; and I finally ordered a new Stam online, but the delivery service was really awful and I had to drive 40 minutes to a deserted warehouse/industrial park to pick it up. So all in all, the experience kind of soured me on the bag to the point where I haven't used it. I've carried it in the house in front of the mirror, but I'm a bit afraid to use it outside. I think I feel this way because it's the most expensive bag I've purchased. I'm also afraid that over time, the kisslock (although a newer one) will get loose and the bag won't stay closed very well - as with many frame bags.

    Recently, I've been lurking in the Miu Miu subforum and have been admiring the Coffer bag in black leather. It really caught my eye and I'm thinking about getting that instead. I feel bad for being so indecisive and paranoid about the Stam. I've been a fan of Marc Jacobs for a long time, and have a lot of Marc bags, but this is the first where I've had so much trouble.

    My questions are: Which do you guys like better? Which do you think is more classic and less trendy - will stand the test of time better? Am I crazy?

    I'm SO torn because I really do love the Stam, but worry about practicality and wear. I'm worried that the Miu Miu is too trendy.

    Here are some pics for people who are unfamiliar with either:

    MJ Stam

    Miu Miu Coffer

    (Both pics from Neiman online)

  2. SuLi, they are so different.....
    I love frame bags so I prefer Stam, but I find the chain too thick & heavy. =)

    I have only seen the suede Coffer in real life, I didn't love it the look & feel of it; it was huge, the shape was flat (not a favorite of mine). From the pictures members posted, the leather version looks so much prettier than the suede version, the leather seems really soft too.

    How about trying them both on in person & see which bag suits you more? Good luck deciding. =)
  3. I definitely like the look of the Stam better, but as far as practicality goes, it's really heavy (as I'm sure you know :smile:). Buut at the same time I think the Miu Miu is too trendy, so I'd still stick with the Stam. It's so cute!
  4. As I've said before, I don't believe 'classic' truly exists. Everything goes in and out of fashion. Just because an item was in fashion before and is again now, doesn't mean that it will always be in fashion; it just means that the fashion cycle has revolved to the same point, again.

    For example, Pucci prints are described as 'classic' but they are sometimes very unpopular (nobody fashionable wore them in the '80s/early '90s).

    So, buy whichever you like best. :yes:
  5. I prefer the Coffer, but have to say it looks a million times nicer in the brown leather. It seems to give it more warmth and depth. Like you I could not get on with the Stam either. But its criminal to not use it! these bags need to be shown off.
    Its a nice dilemma to have, good luck with your choice
  6. I agree w/Chloe - wear what catches your eye or what you are drawn to most! What might help is writing out a pros/cons list for both and seeing how they compare. As for my two cents, I like the Stam better. I think it has more lasting power and I love the vintage vibe it gives off. Now if you had given me the choice of the suede coffer vs. the stam, that would've been harder as I like the sueded coffer VERY much.
  7. I love MJ bags as much as the next girl...but if she's not going to be used, and you feel like the Coffer is something you'd use more, then I'd say return the Stam for someone who will carry her!
    But...if the thought of parting with your beautiful black stam tears you to bits...then keep her and use her!
    Either way...you're going to look hawt with either bag! Let us know what you decide!
  8. Thanks for all the advice! I feel like I'm going crazy here :wtf: ! I've never been this indecisive about anything before.
  9. The Stam is nice, but I think it's too bulky and heavy of a bag for me. It made me look fat--weird. I think the Miu Miu is a great looking back and it's nice and "slim"--less bulky than the Stam. I just think the leather looks so much richer in the Miu Miu also. Plus, with the huge prevalence of Stam knock-off's and inspireds, I like the "unique" look of the Miu Miu.
  10. I think the Miu Miu is more versatile looking than the Stam. And for some reason I don't care for chain straps on this shape of bag (sorry, MJ lovers). I like that the long strap is detachable on either bag, however.
  11. i prefer the stam, because i don't like shoulder bags - they get caught in my hair and i feel like they're hidden under my arm and no one can see how pretty they are. i've tried on both in person, and i liked the coffer better in photos than in reality, but i think the stam looks so amazing IRL. incidently, i've got a black stam on the way to me now!
  12. I disagree- some bags are true 'classics' (Hermes Birkin, Kelly, Chanel 2.55 for example). I don't think either the above MJ or the Miu Miu is. So buy the one you like the best and enjoy it. :heart:
  13. I'm a die-hard Marc Jacobs fan and have the E/W Stam. I love it, and if the Stam itself isn't necessarily classic, the frame silhouette is.

    I do like the Miu Miu coffer, but for some reason it reminds me of a giant brain.
  14. I prefer the Miu Miu, and it's probably a lot lighter than the MJ Stam. It looks so sleek and clean...love it!
  15. I totally prefer the coffer- there are just so many Stam fakes and look-a-likes, on top of the fact that the Stam is becoming an old "it-bag". The coffer is nice and fresh (the ruching is gorgeous) and it has great hardware.