Miu Miu Coffer or LVs?

  1. OK trying to decide if I want a miu miu coffer (same color as in my signature pic) or LVs. Is the coffer too trendy, will it be out soon? I adore the look of the coffer, but maybe LVs are a better investment and more practical? I'm only 5' if that matters - I'd love some thoughts, thanks much!

    The only bags I have at present are a lanvin Kansas and a green fendi 05 Spy so trying to add to my collection.
  2. If it was me I'd go with the LVs. They're a great base to start building a collection on. And like you said, they're good investment pieces.
  3. This is a tough choice.... but I would go for the Miu Miu coffer... cos its one of the best design from Miu Miu IMO.
  4. I'd go LVs, simply because Miu Miu coffer is too big. LV is more classic. of course it all depends which LV you gonna choose! Miu Miu is nice as well!
  5. I'd go with an LV
  6. I have the coffer and I love it, but I do believe it is a trend piece. The leather is tdf and it looks great with a million things. However, IMO every collection should have at least one LV. They are timeless and some of the styles have been around for many years. If you have an LV store near you, why not go in and just try on a variety of bags. Then you will be able to make your decision. However, if you still decide to go with the coffer, you will still be getting one beautiful bag!:tup:
  7. Lv!!
  8. I know that one should get a LV first because it's a classic, but I would go for Miu Miu Coffer first because you can get any LV classic bags in the future.
  9. i think the coffer.
  10. I would get the coffer ... that is a gorgeous bag! I love LV but like some have already posted, you can always buy a LV piece later (unless you're thinking of getting LE).
  11. LVs for me!
  12. :yes:I agree.
  13. LV for me... the coffer brought out alot of inspired bags where I lived (just like the Stam bag blegh!) so I feel like it's short lived..
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself! [although my handbag closet is unfortunately Coffer-less at the moment, whine].
  15. Another lv vote!