Miu miu Coffer or Bow Satchel?

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  1. i'm thinking of picking up a miu miu, but can't decided between the two.

    I love the look of the coffer, but is it still worth getting?

    the Bow satchel is absolutely adorable..

    Is there anywhere that i can pick up the bow satchel online?

  2. i'd go for the bow satchel. i have the coffer and love it but feel that it is a bit outdated.
  3. That's funny...these are the same 2 I was debating between. I eventually came up with the conclusion that I need both! I just ordered my bow satchel today!!! SOOOO EXCITED!! Can't wait! Now I'm on the hunt for a Coffer! You can buy the bow at NM online.
  4. hmmmm
    They are both excellent bags... But I think I'd get the Coffer first as I think it looks beautiful and unique! The bow satchel is probably a bit more reserved, and more of a casual bag. I hope you get the chance to buy both! :biggrin:
  5. Saks online too
  6. I have both. I use the coffer as my everyday bag and the bow satchel occasionally. I like the bow, but I LOVE my coffer. It's all a matter of taste and personal preference in the end. I think that either bag is still a wonderful choice! Be sure to post pics once you have one! ;)
  7. I have the coffer and love the unique details, but I feel like the look is getting old now. Maybe it's not really outdated and I'm just bored with it because I've used it a lot already. I think it still works great as an everyday purse, but I would advise you to go with the bow satchel!
  8. are there any other sites that stock the bow satchel? i'm in australia :p
  9. Took the words right outta my mouth!!! :tup: :lol:
  10. I have both but I muzt admit that I love my coffer, such a unique MiuMiu design. One look you know is a signature bag from MiuMiu. As for the bow, i'm erm...ok with the bag coz there are some downside of the bow such as it doesnt have an external pocket for mobile phone etc... both these bags have their gd & bad... hee..
  11. Second that! :p I got the Coffer first, and within 3 months I got the bow satchel also. I guess a better question would be: Which one to get first?
  12. I say go with the coffer. I also use my black coffer as my everyday bag. Its funny because I get more compliments with my coffer than I do with any of my other chanel bags. It's probably due to its unique look. Anyways, I say coffer, but go with what YOU really want.
  13. I'm gonna go against the status quo and vote for the bow satchel! I just like the look of it more, and I love the classy little bows. Coffer is great too, it's a tough decision! Maybe you should just get both!!
  14. Which bag did you end of getting?
  15. i would say coffer i just love the bag .. you can carry it many different ways