MIU MIU coffer on sale

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  1. Are there any coffers on sale here in the US?
  2. Check the "Post Prada/Miu Miu Deals" thread for any bags on sale. Thanks!
  3. coffers rarely go on sale...........when they do..we post them in the sale section..so keep an eye out there.I have only seen the suede one go on sale thus far
  4. You can also catch the next SAKS EGC event and get a GC towards your next purchase too
  5. yeah, coffers rarely go on sale, especially the napa leather ones. the tan/camello/black colors are pretty much timeless and miumiu knows it. when i bought mine, the SA at the miumiu store told me that those colors in the napa won't ever go on sale - but the different variations that may come each season (suede, patent, colored leather, canvas, etc) might once that "collection" is done.

    before trying the flagship, i went to Saks to get the coffer through their pre-season sale, but every other bag in the collection was on sale EXCEPT for the leather coffers. blah!
  6. net a porter is having a sale on the chocolate brown coffer!! go go go
  7. tnx for the info ladies