Miu Miu Coffer, my precccious! (hardware question)

  1. Received the chocolate beauty from NAP today. Jumping and dancing of joy! One thing that bites me a little bit - the golden hardware looks tarnished. I totally forgot how it looked then I saw the coffer in person.
    Is it the way it is supposed to be? Please, fellow coffer owners?
  2. Bought mine at Saks -- the hardware is "matte" not shiny -- if that's what you mean, which I do prefer on this style. Also, went to the Miu Miu Store in NYC a couple of times and saw all their different colored Coffers and the hardware wasn't shiny.

    The pic on NAP shows it as very shiny, which It doesn't seem to be for real...

    I hope this helps!
  3. Thanks Minette, you helped me a lot. NAP pictures confused me, really.
    Congratulations to us on the stunning bag! Your pictures are beautiful!
  4. forgive my ignorance, i was at the store and looking at the coffers but hard a hard time opening the lock, how do u do it? do u have to push both buttons while turning the lock? there was no SA in sight so I just left w/o figuring how..
  5. I've spent some time today opening the lock, too :shame: Once it is unlocked, you need to push both buttons together. No need to lock it every time if you don't want to.
  6. push buttons while the key still inside?
  7. no, you can take the key out
  8. tnx!
  9. Sounds scary!! :shrugs::hrmm::weird::wondering

    One good thing about it though - at least no-one would be able to pickpocket you. Unless I was shown how to open it - I wouldn't have a clue. Quite genious!!
  10. Or they could slash your bag :wtf:
    How scary!!