Miu miu coffer key holder lettering

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  1. Can anyone tell me what the logo on the key holder of a miu miu coffer bag should look like please?
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    I'm not a genuis, but I've worked out that you are probably the seller of the coffer bag that another user has asked to be authenticated here. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Miu-Miu-Matalasse-Coffer-Bag-By-Prada-/151233627374?pt=UK_Women_s_Handbags&hash=item23363a04ee

    The way to see what it should look like is to google similar bags.

    May I ask where the coffer was purchased, please? I have responded to the authenticate this Miu Miu thread as I do not believe it is authentic.
  3. The logo on the key fob of my bag seems to show the miu miu lettering upside down. I bought the bag on ebay last year and hadn't noticed this until I listed it for sale.
  4. I should mention that It's on the press stud of the key fob, not the leather!
  5. I don't think it is upside down based on the pics on the auction page?
  6. Maybe it's ok then, it just looked strange when I looked closely.
    Thank you for your help.
  7. No, it's not ok the bag isn't authentic. Maybe if you paid by credit card you can attempt to get your money back if it's over 45 days.
  8. Why do you think it isn't authentic?
  9. There are several features of the bag inconsistent with authentic coffer bags.
  10. Ok, I have removed it. Could you tell me which features you mean please?