Miu Miu Coffer Key Chain!! Too Cute~~~ **PICS**

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  1. Check this out!! Isn't it the cutest?!! I really want it for my keys!!!! I don't know the exact price, but I think it costs for about $300!!!!!!!!!
    Ouch for my wallet!! :drool:
    Also more sping collection. Enjoy~~


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  2. That is adorable!! I love it:smile:)
  3. OMG that is soooo cute!
  4. omg so cute! i wonder how much it is.
  5. :heart: That is so adorable!!! Thanks for posting!!!
  6. I love it! Its really cute!
    If only I could get it in the same colour as my coffer... that would be so cool...

    Thanks for posting! :smile:
  7. That's sooooo cute!!! where did you get it from?
  8. that IS cute!!!

    but for the price--- YIKES!!!
  9. I love it!!!! Drooling here... it would be perfect for my coffer!
  10. I like that second thing on your attachments!
  11. It's so cute! I want one too :biggrin:
  12. ahhh i love it! too cute!
  13. I saw the pics from an online magazine and thought I should share with you all. I didn't actually own one.......................yet :graucho:

  14. Thanks for sharing...I love picture sharing!! I enjoy this forum sooo much!! (especially when I can check it out at work...if my boss only knew!!)
  15. love it!!!!!! but it's little bit expensive:sad: