Miu Miu Coffer in Brown available at Saks

  1. Hi everyone,

    Wow...my very first thread in the Prada forum.. Jill is turning me to the Prada/Miu Miu side..lol

    In case any one was still looking for a brown leather MiuMiu Coffer, there was one at the Saks in Short Hills Mall in NJ tonite. May i add what a stunning beuty it was:love: . It was soooo tempting, but i was hoping to find the brown suede one.
  2. Saks san antonio had a few coffers last time i was there, if anyone is interested ;)
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. oooh I want the brown suede coffer so badly, but it is only on the US site, not on the UK site :sad:, its soo pretty
  5. ^ Chloe-babe, you can order from US site too; shipping might add up and returns can be troublesome though.

    I am in the US, but I was able to use the free shipping code for orders from UK site too. =)
  6. Are you thinking about it? You can order it & then decide. =)
  7. Bag.lover, you are such an enabler..lol
  8. ^ Got that from Jill. LOL.
    It's hard to send it back once it's in your hands though unless it's totally not what you expect.
  9. thats why i would rather see one IRL. i got a glimpse of one last nite but was an hour too late as it was in someones hands.she was guarding it with her life. was not meant to be then.
  10. ^you shoulda grabbed it Doulos..ROFLMAO!
  11. was i supposed to take it from her hands throw my money on the counter and run? hey... now why did i no think of that last nite...lol seriously if she had put it down i would have but she was holding on to it. just was not meant to be then.
  12. I love that bag too. How I wish I could have one...