Miu Miu Coffer - HK price and size?

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  1. I'm really obsessing over the coffer at the moment, after feeling the soft soft leather IRL.:drool:

    I understand the coffer is much much cheaper in Hong Kong than where I am. ;)

    Can anyone confirm that the coffer in Hong Kong is 8250HKD? My friend very kindly helped me to check the price in Hong Kong, but she mentioned that that's for Medium size.

    I'm confused now - I thought the coffer comes in only ONE size?? :confused1:

    I wld call HK's miumiu direct to ask, but I can't find their no. anywhere on the net.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!!!
  2. You can call the Miu Miu Concept Store at Landmark, Central. Their number is +852.2523.7833
  3. thanks! :smile:

    i'll def try calling them tomorrow.

    can anyone confirm that the coffer does indeed come in only one size?
  4. yes it comes in only one size as far as i know
  5. Isadora thanks! was wondering the same thing too... do keep us updated!
  6. Btw...when I went to HK last Apr I saw a Miu Miu boutique (flagship?) in the midst of opening .... I think its somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui (sp?) along the road where Harbour City is. Does anybody know whether its opened? Many thanks!!!!
  7. Sorry bout the multiple posts...must collect my thoughts...but sandielim mentioned tt there's a concept store at Landmark...is this new? which level is this?
    Am getting so excited here!!!!
  8. Yup it's open :yes:
  9. Miu Miu Landmark is on the ground floor :heart:
  10. listrikmu, the coffer in HK is 10,350 HKD. i rang both landmark's miumiu and lane crawford to ask. the price of the patent ones which are smaller is 8250 HKD.

    hope this helps!
  11. Bless your :heart:!!! Thanks so much isadora! Def cheaper then where I am...
  12. Whoops... thanks very much to annettedp too!
  13. listrikmu, no problems. i think we're fr the same place :p

  14. There was a Mini Coffer available at the start of this year, it was on sale in Selfridges & Co, but I havn't seen it since, may have stopped producing them. I hated the small - it looked horrid. :nogood:
  15. listrikmu, if you have the 10% discount at the Prada/Miu Miu stores in SG it's actually slightly cheaper than in HK. Just an extra information, I did a comparison in prices for SG, HK and TW, it turned out that TW has the cheapest Miu Mius and Pradas in Asia and I love that I don't have to be on the waiting list cos they have a lot of stocks!