Miu Miu Coffer. Has anyone bought it yet? suede or leather? what color? any pics?

  1. Sorry lots of questions. Thinking to get one but never seen one in real life. Any help would be appreciate it TIA. I've seen celebs pics with the bag.. just wondering if you have the bag and have a pic.
  2. I'll be picking up that bag in brown leather or suede tomorrow. I will try to post pictures sometime next week. :yes:
  3. I just got this in brown suede. Love the rich vintagey look of the bag !
  4. gingerale....Congrats!! The brown suede is SO beatiful!! - I need a black bag, so I've just ordered Coffer in balck leather - Hope it's just as lovely as the brown suede :smile:
  5. I was thinking about this one in brown suede, but I just bought a Spy in Chocolate, so I don't think I need it.
  6. please please post a pic once you guys get it. and congrats!!!:yahoo:
  7. yes PLEASE post a photo!!!
    I really want to see how long the messenger strap is!

    thanks and congrats.
  8. I just got my suede coffer today and let me say: I can not recommend this bag enough!! :love: It's so unique and stylish. I'm able to hold everything I need and then some! Tonight I ordered a leather one from Saks and will let you know how I feel about it when I get it!
  9. i have the brown suede... i think it's really the best color/material for this style.
  10. Congrats Andrey!! :smile:) wich color did you order??
  11. Thanks!! :heart: I ordered the brown leather one from Saks but am thinking of getting the black instead.. Personally, I think the suede looks best but I wanted a leather one for bad weather since suede damages easily. I don't think you can fail with this bag though. It's too beautiful. :love:
  12. Thats why I wont the leather and not suede - we got a lot of rain here in Denmark ...
    Is your suede brown too?
  13. Want :shame:
  14. Mmhmm! I have a thing for brown.. :love: but I really do need a black bag so we'll see about the leather one. I love in brown suede though and wouldn't change that.:heart:
  15. So many bags do look very beautiful in brown :smile: - The Spy is so nice in brown too...and Paddington in chocolate :love:
    I saw the brown suede just to days ago, and yes I really think Coffer looks the best in brown suede. I just need a black bag so bad :smile:
    Will you post pictures?? :graucho: