Miu Miu Coffer Colours

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I am interested in purchasing a coffer bag. I rang up a store and was told that they carry the coffer in white, orange, purple, pink and metallic blue. Any ideas what colours (other than white) are these in Miu Miu speak? Anyone has a picture? Are these spring 09 colours? Thank you.
  2. Well here are the pink and metallic blue pics. The third pic is of the blue without metallic (zaffiro). Not sure about orange or purple? What store told you that they had purple and orange coffers?
  3. Thank you very much miu2! The metallic blue looks gorgeous, do you know if it comes in other hardware other than gold?

    I phoned Harrods. I went to do some sleuth work around the net and found some new colours in net-a-porter. I wonder if the orange and purple are the bright colours in patent on net-a-porter. The purple on net-a-porter is similar to the bright purple tote that was just featured on the blog.
  4. I think it only comes in the golden hardware.
  5. Hello,

    Does anyone have an updated list of all the colours available in the coffer bag?! Thanks in advance!