Miu Miu Coffer Buckle

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  1. I am new to Miu Miu, i just bought a coffer bag, but then most of the time I cannot buckle it properly, does this happen to any of you?

    should I go back to the shop to ask them about this? is the bag faulty? or is it because I didn't put enough things in the bag so that it cannot be closed easily?

    is there any trick in closing the bag?
  2. sometimes it can be tricky... I find it it's difficult when I put too much things in it...
  3. Agreed, I usually can't buckle it without looking at it
  4. hi shirley, thinks its normal? I don't bother to buckle it as cookie said u need to look at it and have a few tries before fastening it :smile:

  5. ^^I agree. It just takes practice with the buckle...