Miu Miu Coffer BAG

  1. Dear ALL:

    Does any one know where can i still get a brown color coffer bag? not the suede one..Becuase i had ordered on Neiman Marcus, but it has been indefinitely delayed, i want to get this bag for my girlfriend by X'mas, so i am a lil bit worring right now... :sad:

    Thanks for you alll!!
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  3. Call MIU MIU store in NY and ask them!
  4. lucky girlfriend ! goodluck!
  5. There is a camel leather one at NM .com..I actually REALLY like that color!
  6. heard and read Coffer bags are so HOT! especially in HK! however after feeling it, it doesn't seem that great u know...I cancelled my reservation! Miu Miu store in Singapore is really obnoxious as well...
  7. ^ How do you mean?You didnt like the quality of the bag?
  8. hi, can i find out how much is it retailing in SG.. Just want to hv an idea before i buy it here in nyc. thanks!
  9. The coffer bag selling at SGD 2220 in Singapore Miu Miu store.
  10. Hi Nefy

    Thanks for the infor. Appreciate it.
  11. Hi Jill

    Did u chk out the Ivory colour as well ? It is gorgeous!