Miu Miu Coffer Bag

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just recently bought a MIU MIU Coffer bag in black leather and i absolutely adored it up until i discovered it was made in Turkey. :confused1: (Check the inside pocket, right in the corner, for a little tag saying 'Made in Turkey') For its very hefty price tag i was certain it would have been made in Italy like Prada...

    Above all. it was sold to me, with the sales assistants stating it is 'Made in Italy' Well known sites such as Neiman Marcus and Net-a-porter also state it is made in Italy.

    For those of you who have one, is anyone’s made in Italy??
  2. Oh my god! After seeing your post, I went to check my plum coffeur bag almost immediately! To my horror, I SAW THAT LITTLE TAG on the inside pocket (inside the bag) and there's a small tag sewn on at the side and it states in sortof brownish color words 'Made in Turkey' ! DAMMIT! I feel so cheated! I thought it's made in Italy! AND THE BAG'S NOT THAT CHEAP!
  3. I know your pain... Its horrible to see that luxury goods are now being made else where. They somewhat lose their appeal..
  4. There are umteen threads about Coffers being made in Turkey. Check those out.

    They always have been. Why should its "nationality" affect whether you love it or not?
  5. I guess it's like paying a few thousand for a bag made in China. It's the same idea, really. Turkey isn't like Italy or France. It's not a country where elite luxury goods come from. Of course you feel cheated. I'm new here by the way.
  6. so,what's wrong if it's made in Turkey? Maybe you should check your clothes too,there are tons of products made in Turkey and people wear,carry and use them around the world. I can somewhat understand your pain,it was told that the bag was made in Italy but being made in Turkey doesn't mean it's cheap or less precious.
  7. I totally agree with Prada Psycho. Why should it matter where your bag is made as long as it is a quality product? I LOVE my coffers and the quality of leather and craftsmanship is incredible. That's what I look for in a bag and I will continue to judge my bags (and anything else I buy) by those standards.
  8. I can understand how you feel.
    The'd tell you this is MADE IN ITALY 2.0, designed in Italy, but made somewhere else. I agree this is disappointing.

    I mean: for me made in Italy means made in an artigianal way, with the care and experience of generations of craftsmen.
    This is not true anymore, not even here in Italy where companies employ clandestine immigrants to work 12 hours with no experience, just becouse they can pay them less...So your bag can be made in Italy, but not made with the italian way of crafting.

    I guess we have to accept that we pay for an italian concept...
  9. I don't know. I'd rather use what I paid for the coffeur for a balenciaga or something. I usually check the labels before buying stuff cause I am particular when it comes to the country of manufacture. I think this is very subjective. I am particular because sometimes it's just not justified to pay a certain hefty price for something that is overpriced.

    I love the coffeur bag, the leather is soft and comfortable and I'm not doubting the quality, it's just that I think these designer brands HAVE TO MARKET their products properly. Or at least provide the right training to the SAs selling these products.

    Product information is very important and vital to our buying decisions.

    We consumers will feel very misled if we do not receive the right kind of information. Who can we trust if designers don't even get where their goods are manufactured in right?
  10. Well, for one, Neimans LIED. Thats whats wrong with it. You cannot tell me, if your prada gauffre had a made in Turkey tag, you would not be disappointed?? :wtf: If you say no, you would be lying, period. lol Prada is an Italian brand.

    I even have an inclination for italian made products, I pick them out before Im even aware. They're just always the best made. I was eyeing some $20 Guess shoes on clearance, that was strange, because I dont like the brand. When I flipped them over, I discovered they were made in Italy. "I knew there was something I liked about them".
  11. I don't think it's so much a case of lying as it is that they just plain don't know any better! I've been stunned at how little SAs know about these expensive bags they are making commission on. It's shameful, frankly!

    NM's website is a known joke, so I never take anything there on face value!! :roflmfao:
  12. Let me put it this way.........I own a Mercedes Benz. Always have, always will. I buy MB because it is a QUALITY car. Although the origin of it's design was founded in Germany, it is now manufactured in South Africa, Thailand , Malasia, TURKEY, China, So Korea, Egypt, UK.......(just to name a few). Knowing this, will I stop buying MB?? NO WAY!! I know that as long as the MB logo is on the car, the quality standard will remain consistent. Same concept with Prada/ Miu Miu. Please don't accuse me of being a liar. I have purchased 5 Coffers knowing that each one was "made in Turkey".
  13. ^^^Good point. Honda is a "Japanese" car. Japanese cars are sought after for their quality. My "Japanese" Honda was assembled in Ohio!!! :roflmfao:
  14. couldn't agree with you more :tup: I am from Turkey and this whole "made in turkey?! duh!" thing is nothing but prejudice. You love your bag and have no problem with it until you find out it was made in a country other than Italy- I think that's a problem. If the products' quality is good enough for the company to label them as Prada/Miu Miu, why shouldn't it be enough for the customers?
  15. ^^^well said....yes I agree w/ PP also in regards to SA's not knowing the correct info about the products they are selling.

    I know in the LV forum, some members only prefer to have the tag say "made in france." I don't care if mine says Sprain or USA so long as my bag doesn't fall apart in a day.

    I buy for quality, functionality, and the classic lines of a bag regardless of where it was made. But that's just my .02! :p