Miu Miu COFFER bag

  1. Hi girls!

    I was looking through a magazine and saw the coffer bag in black, and it looked gorgeous! just wondering tho, if this style comes in a tan brown? i know that it comes in dark brown, white and red. but i saw my friend having a tan brown coffer bag, and i loved the color. just a bit curious to whether or not it is authentic.

    i'm attaching a pic to what i meant..thanks! hope you can help me out!
  2. Hi there! Welcome to TPF. I can't enlarge your thumb nail from what I know,Miu Miu made one in Mocha (looks like plum), and also another one in a lighter browner color, called Cammello. Both are gorgeous though!! :love:
  3. hi girls!

    this is a bigger picture, i saw it in eBay. not sure if the authentic one has this color :push:
  4. Hey, thanks v.much Joannii:tup::tup::nogood: