MIU MIU CLUTCH: on styledrops.com --> REAL?

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Jun 12, 2007
I saw a miu miu :heart: "pochette" clutch in Neiman Marcus a few weeks ago, and it was part of their pre-spring collection. Its a silver gun-metal color, that is kinda sparkly, kind of like silver sparkles over a metal-color bag. Its a large clutch, oversized, with a zipper top. Looks like a big ruched cosmetic bag. I AM DYING FOR THIS BAG! It costs about $510 and now they are telling me they no longer have a single one in the company!!! :cursing:

I think i found it here on styledrops.com, but im having a hard time telling if it is authentic.....

the bag in the picture looks slightly lighter in color then it did in-store, but maybe its just the photo and lighting. if the website is legit, i can return it if im wrong...but if the website is a scam thats a lot of money to lose!!!!

someone please help! either tell me if you know where to find the bag, or tell me if the one i found is real!!!!
Not open for further replies.