Miu Miu clothing..where to find??

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  1. Hi galz, I am new here..but would need some help from you. I am looking for miu miu s/s 2008 clothing...One certain dress I am after is Kirsten Dunst in miu miu's s/s 2008 campaign with a white mimi dress with red, white and black strips. Does any one know where I can find it?thx...:heart:
  2. do you mean this one?

    I haven't seen much of the collection online to be honest :sad: buuut... topshop (a UK clothes brand) did a very similar skirt that sold out immediately

    I was lucky enough to get one, don't really know how I managed to do so! It pops up on ebay every once in a while, if you're interested.

    I have no other suggestions :S sorry. Unless you would be willing to call Miu Miu NY and order it through the phone...
  3. hi Vanillinae, yeah, that is the one I'm talking about. I am so in love with their s/s 08 collection, but here in Toronto, I haven't seen any runway pieces in stores here. I have tried mytheresa.com, net a porter, and matchesfashion...not much help for finding this dress...I hope someone can give me some info!! Thank you a lot!!
  4. hey sweetierne! I am from Canada also and I have been looking for the SS08 clothing. I actually tracked down the dress you were looking for. There was one left in the New York store except getting them to ship to Canada is ridiculous. Right now they are trying to see if they can ship it to me...honestly you would think I was asking them to do the impossible. These runway dresses went mainly to the boutiques in NY but some dept stores got some of the dresses.

    I do have another one of the SS dresses on the way to me. Its also one of the dresses from the ads, its the one Kristin is wearing when she is holding the three harlequin bags. I'll post pics once it comes!
  5. OMG Vanillinae that's a killer skirt! It would look sooooo good with your fairy shoes! It's the perfect combo. You'd be causing traffic as you walk down the street. You've got to take action pics with the whole ensemble. I love it! Quadruple congrats!
  6. Thank you guccigirl!!!! I am dying for miu miu's pieces...I think they are absolutely stunning, sexy and chic!!! I just love those babydoll look dresses!!! so so so amazing~you know the size they have in NY store? Thx a lot~really helpful info!!
  7. I will definitely give that outfit a try once this vile english weather gets a bit sunnier! Today it was sunny/rainy/snowy! :roflmfao:
  8. Oh my days! are you on the hunt for the Chanel penguin sweater?? That is such a lovely item!!! :heart:
  9. sweetierne - no problem! glad I could help you out! If I remember correctly they had it in size 42

    Vanillinae - I sure am! I have the skirt that the sweater was worn with on the runway and I love the outfit so I need this sweater. I called almost every store in the US. My mom was in London and Paris in January and when I talked to her every night my first question was always "did they have the sweater"..lol.

    by the way love your shoes! I love the entire Prada and Miu Miu RTW and shoe collections this season. I want the Miu Miu candlestick shoe and I really just want to cave and buy them but I am *trying* to wait until after I buy another dress I have my eyes on
  10. You have got to post pics! I can't wait! Congrats again.
  11. Just thought I would share this for all those who loved Miu Miu's RTW for Spring Summer. I just got this dress. I took pics on my Mac book (ie. the bad quality). I haven't decided if I am going to keep it or not. Its not the one I thought it was (problem of ordering over the phone :Push:smile: and its hard to love it when it is not the one I was set on. It is super cute though and I love the mosaic effect and the little jester on the back. I might return it and get one of Lanvin's gorgeous flowy long dresses, or track down the actual dress I want.

    I got this at Nordstrom if anyone is interested.

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  12. guccigirl congrats!!! even if it's not the one you wanted... that is a lovely dress!!!! :heart::drool::heart: Not too sure if it might be better than a Lanvin, but it's still fab!! hehe

    I am quite desperate with this whole lack of Miu Miu rtw... I called miu miu in tokyo to ask them what their situation was, tried to get around asking for look#18 (the dress sweetierene wanted) but alas, my japanese has deteriorated over the years! the poor SA was very confused...
    lol I think this means it's time to give up. hahaha.
  13. Yes, Nordstrom has some great Miu Miu pieces. May I know what size you dress is in? I'm a 38 and Nordies doesn't have dresses in my size.

    I do know that the Miu Miu stores in HK, Taiwan, and Singapore carry RTW in smaller sizes. I would suggest the Taiwan store (in Taipei 101 Mall) for better service.
  14. thanks Vanillinae! It is pretty gorgeous. I hate to let it go so its going to be a tough decision! I know how you feel about the whole RTW situation. I keep getting so frustrated and give up until I realize I need to have half of this collection. Hope you are able to find the dress!

    linpaddy, the dress I have is a size 40. These dresses do fit rather small compared to other miu miu stuff I have so if you haven't tried on a 40 I suggest giving it a shot.