Miu Miu Chatter and Waiting Lounge

  1. Laeticia, that's a lovely bag! Tried on n was tempted by the same bag in mughetto color. 40% off sounds like a wonderful deal. :smile:)

    Pinksweety, i got excited hearing abt the sales too n also waiting for the mm sg sales, esp since i haven't done online shopping b4. :p
  2. but SG sales always have very little choices,... heard its end of june. by the time we Queue to get in all the items sold.LOL
  3. Oic.. thanks for the info! Haha. I'm new n haven't been to MM sales b4 but yea i guess imagine the selection would be really limited.. crossing fingers.. Hope you get to snag ur bag of choice from renato :smile:
  4. This is a great thread!! Thanks Kiki for posting all the sale pics!!!
    I have been calliing and emailing several miu miu stores for a long metalasse wallet, Still couldn't locate one yet....... Hopefully I will find one soon!!!
    Good luck on everyone's sale purchases!!!
  5. I think I might be experiencing buyer's guilt. Is it possible to cancel pre-sale items? I think I might have gotten a little caught up with the sale and went a little overboard!
  6. yes you can cancel. they don't charge your cc till june 1st. and since everything is tenative, they can't expect you to commit without knowing discount %
  7. lho, don't worry, I totally understand how you feel....it will be ok and yes you should be able to cancel your order...:hugs:if you don't want to spend/ can't spend or are trying to save for other things, it's ok! I am on the same boat....let's only enjoy what everybody else es buying :graucho:
  8. Thanks butterfly36029. That's good to know. I got so caught up with all the awesome deals, I ended up getting too much! I think I'll just stick with one thing. Someone ban me from this site! lol
  9. I hear you! I need to stop coming over here!! I am so tempted to call the Bal Harbour store in Miami so I know what's going on in their sale!!
  10. Call and then post. I want to know too!
  11. lho I fell into temptation..LOL...and called Miu Miu Bal Harbour and talked to the nice SA that sold me the Nappa Charm....I am supposed to be receiving an email from her with the bags that are on pre sale at Bal Harbour! wohooo I will post them in the sales thread as soon as I have them...hopefully today!
  12. ... argh.. help me decide:

    this: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/39153 (I LOVE it, but little small?)
    this in the Grey (it is same size/shape as the charm, and it is coated fabric)

    they are the same price range right now
  13. Kiki119... I like the grey better. The other one is too small in my opinion!

    butterfly36029- can't wait to see some more eye candy! You rock!!!
  14. I like the second one...I think the second one is a more classic miu miu style and I also think it's more likely that after a while you'll like the second one less than the first one...
  15. ^^exactly what I thought... the 2nd one is the SAME shape/size as the Charm... so it is GREAT for everyday...

    the NAP one.. It will great for a night out.. and I have been obsessing over it since it 1st came out...