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  1. kiki no probs at thread should be clean i am a little baffled actually I just bought the fumo mordor coffer from a friend ahe got it from diabro. It was actually a good deal but still I am kind of paupper:crybaby: now have a credit to pay offfff ohh god why do i do this all the time. dont you love all this liberty to chat thanks me lovepurse
  2. :thinking:I'll get one if you get one! j/k. LOL

    Trust me, I know what you mean... I wasn't even planning on getting anything during this sale. I'm still trying to figure out how to break the news to my husband.
  3. i pre ordered a nappa charms in sandalo from Renato.
    I am asking about the Vitello Lux.. keeping my fingers crossed that the discount will be more than 40%

    I like the matalesse clutch but it's abit too much for my poor wallet if i were to buy the vitello lux as well..hehe

    any idea if the vitellox lux is on sale too?
  4. anusa, I love the nappa charm in pervinca, my color, but the purple one is nice! Kiki has a zaffiro one (or had) with purple undertones which was also nice but I personally like mine better :p

    btw, I left for 2 hours and this thread grew to 3 pages! wow! I love this thread btw!
  5. I love this thread!! I have been eyeing the small red and brown wallets with metal. What is the name of that model? How much do they cost after discount? Anyone has the same one that can kindly show me the inside of the wallet?
  6. is the very small one a key chain or a coin purse? the one in gray in the middle?

  7. The one on the left with the metal closure. I dunno it is coin purse or wallet. It is not the key chain one
  8. melovepurse- So I did the math and the croc wallet would be a little less than $200 if the sale is 40% off. That's pretty good! lol
  9. I'm definitely all over that! I will email gabrielle tomorrow - i will ask her about the iris bow tote, too! must...stop...buying!!

    I have to eBay some bags quickly! :smile:

  10. :yahoo:Yay!!!

  11. the one with the metal closure is indeed a wallet...I am wondering about the other one though...the smaller one

  12. i also pre-ordered with Renato, he's a nice chap, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful, gave me plenty advises! :smile:

    i pre-ordered 3 bags, hope I can get it. btw, if i do the pre-ordering, is it confirm my orders are secure? :smile:
  13. miumiu lover, as long as you give them your cc number, billing, shipping address...it should be a secure order....
  14. i pre-order from Renato:

    1. Sandalo Coffer
    2. Matelasse Boston in blue
    3. Nappa Charm Satchel in Rosso

    hope to get all of them :p
  15. oh miu miu lover I was so getting the rosso nappa charm until I saw the pervinca (light blue color)! I am dying for that matelasse boston you ordered but I want mine with silver hardware....congrats as they are all great bags!