Miu Miu Chatter and Waiting Lounge

  1. Here are the pics Nasheema sent me. I hope this works. I asked her for wallets available for pre-sale.
    bags_100.jpg accessories_005.jpg accessories_006.jpg accessories_011.jpg accessories_012.jpg
  2. More...

    I really like the woven leather totes too, but I would need to see them in person. It's hard to tell how big they are and the style with the pictures. There seems to be so many variations.
    bags_097.jpg bags_098.jpg Sale_Bags_007.jpg ssbags_005.jpg
  3. hmmmm this is cooooooool thread i sooooooo sooooo love chatting i am still thinking what to order there is soo much to choose but am pondering on nappa charm in purple my fav fav color.
    i am short of funds or would have gone for sandalo coffer as well but have just purchased the prada python print in nylon and in crvolux as well so no more funds lefts after a charm.
    P.s I love the color of your charm bag butterfly but am torn between purple and aqua . any suggestion which would be better
  4. melovepurse: the red is soo cute, will go great with your collection.... by Mini coffer, you mean by the NEW mini coffer just arrive in store, or the small coffer that was sent by Renato??/ U should get the pink one if you decide to get it... I have seen in in NYC, it is TDF even I am not a pink person!!!!

    the Woven leather is nice too.... argh... too many bags too little $$

    I'll keep you posted on NY :smile:
  5. ^wow i was thinking of purple and there it is
  6. thank you kiki, iho for the newssss!
    there is such a great range of bags to choose from...and i cant believe they have soooo many colors for the nappa charm...and the matalasse lux....and i think the matelasse boston is really cute in the pinkish red!!!!!! but do not know how will it look in person......anyone has any modeling pic or reference?
  7. Hi megan!

    I haven't pre-ordered anything as I'm so banned until Oct. However, I'm saving my pennies so by the time my ban is up, they sales will be here and hopefully, I can buy 2 bags for the price of one!:biggrin: I can't wait to see everyone else's goodies!
  8. I have the boston in the LARGER size... I am 5'7, so you can have the size reference..
    I love it... it is ROOMY and has an extra pocket at the back for my papers/receipts :smile:

    I think the Pink one is about 20% smaller..

    anusa: hey girl... :smile: sorry didn't reply on AT... dont' want MOD deleting comments............. how's your weekend?!

    lho: O MY GOD :faint: they are so pretty!!!

    should I have gotten the Croc wallet instead of the Pruple Metallic Matelasse?
  9. yay a waiting lounge!!!! well so far i've tried to be good with bags since i just got the rosso bow....but i've been bad with shoes, i bought 2 :shame:

    and i can't wait to get them....

    heaven forbid i don't break down and get a wallet and that cute ibisco shopper ;)
  10. hey louis_gal!!! i think many bal gals also love miu miu!!! good to see you around...i think you will get yours soon! especially from last year experience, the sale went up so crazy...so i believe when you have the funds, the bags will be on saleeeee

    thank you kiki! you are always there to help out!! :hugs:
    it really looks tempting! but i think i will wait for further sales on the boston...i am not so sure about the popularity of the boston...do you think they will be sold out soon?
  11. I :heart: this new thread. I'm with the rest of you all. I can't seem to make up my mind. :confused1: I read in the sale thread that last year, the prices went as low as 75% but I'm guessing that the pickings were pretty slim at that point. I purchased a Peggy at the beginning of the sale so I think I only got 40% Did anyone get the 75%? How late in the sale did you have to wait to receive it? How long does the sale last? Questions, questions~ :lol:
  12. Chica1- I think I got my Peggy the same time you did. The prices did go down after, but there weren't alot of choices and what was available went pretty quickly. Considering that Miu Miu is no longer available at department stores, I think 40% is pretty good.

    Kiki- I love the croc wallet and am really tempted to get one too. How much are they originally?

  13. anyone have NY SA email? i am looking for bow. :sad:

    I was too slow, it's sold out at BH MiuMiu.
  14. Hi ladies, I've been mostly lurking here as I don't own any Miu Miu bags but dying to join the club :smile:
    So far I've been in love with anything Matelasse and the Bows, but can't quite make up my mind. Kiki - thank you so much for the modeling picture of the Matelasse Boston - I'm really leaning towards getting one of those. You mentioned yours is the larger size. Do you happen to know if any of the ones posted were in this size? What sizes does it come in anyway? Or can I simply tell to an SAs that I want a larger one and they'll understand?
    And I'm also wondering how quickly the Bostons will go and if I stand any chance to wait for more than 40% off.
    Thanks in advance!
  15. lho - thanks for posting the pics, now i am wanting the pink croc wallet too - this sale is killing me!