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  1. sorry- wrong thread
  2. Hi girls, im planning to get my first coffer and i saw online that in comes in 2 types of leather, one is this shiny leather, and another in a squishy soft matte like leather. which one do you guys would recommend?
  3. Nope, you just have to wait... sometimes this means the item is sold out and they never restock it :S.. but sometimes they restock it, esp. the classic items. ;)
  4. I also have a question, girls :biggrin:

    ----> Has anybody seen these grey shoes (from FW 2011/12) still available online anywhere?? I've seen them in Italy IRL, they were gorgeous but they didn't have my size :sad:(

    Any information would be very helpful :ty:
  5. i went to MBS miu miu yesterday evening. wanting to try the small coffer.

    there was a mughetto calfskin coffer and cipria lambskin coffer on the shelf. wanting to confirm the colour before i request to see it in small size, i asked a young singaporean SA if those two are different colours.
    she actually said both are the SAME colour and sometimes the colour appear differently on diff leather.
    i gave her a i-am-not-convinced look and waited for her to check the card for the colour. but she simply just stood there and looked back at me.

    since my objective was to view the small coffer, instead of choosing a colour or choosing leather, i let it rest. only the regular/large ones were on display, so i asked politely for her to show me the small coffer in any leather.
    she actually told me "this one.. only comes in one size leh there's no smaller one."
    i asked again, "can you check for the small one?"
    without checking, she replied "don't have.. this one only one size."

  6. Size 38,5 at Mytheresa.com
  7. Hello
    Hope someone can help me on this....
    I m planning to get a large coffer cos I like the duo straps options:smile:
    My friend has a coffer n instead of carrying by the braided strap, she looped the long detachable strap twice n uses that to carry it on her shoulder. The length of the long strap after double looped was slightly longer than the braided one n I love that look alot:smile:
    However the other day I was at one of the miu miu stores in where I stay.... The SA told me the long strap can't be shortened in anyway:sad: it is way too long to b carried by the long strap if it can't be looped twice:sad:
    Can someone enlighten me on this?
    I will only get the coffer if the long detachable strap can be shortened/double looped n carried as a shoulder bag n not a sling bag.
    Any help will b greatly appreciated:smile:
  8. ww1.sinaimg.cn/large/9493a3ecgw1do8d8of0zwj.jpg

    does anyone know the price of this one at HK?
  9. Sometimes "available soon" online means that the retail boutiques already have these items. Many boutiques carry small accessories that are brand new that websites may never show. What exactly are you looking for / waiting for?
  10. I bought a pair of miumiu studded ballet flats. I am usual a size 8 but I bought a size 7 because I do not want them to slip off and they were the last pair left...I can't return them because they are final sale...does anyone know how Miu Miu shoes fit? These are my first pair
  11. Hello everybody, I got pictures today of the new Struzzo and Crocodile Miu Miu bags...pm me if you're interested in seeing pictures of the bow and the shopper!
  12. does anyone know who sells mm in dallas ft worth?
    thank you