Miu Miu Charlotte


Feb 24, 2006
I saw this bag on the Neiman Marcus site this morning & I think I'm in love :love:

I love anything with my name...it gives me a chance to see what the impression people have of the name Charlotte! Usually it's something super floral!

I really don't need another bag as my Paddington is IT for me right now but I LOVE this color & it looks soft...very like the Darel Charlotte, isn't it?

So...what do you think of Miu Miu as a brand & has anyone seen this in person. I have no place to see it near me. :worried:

I think it is pricey too...but I still like it! :smile:

I forgot about the Tod Charlotte...I saw some on Bluefly & considered it for awhile...

The bag isn't too small really. The measurements are
8 1/3"H x 12 2/3"W x 5 1/2"D.

I still like the Darel Charlotte...is it going to be available online anywhere soon? Like at NM or Bergdorf?