Miu Miu Calf Leather Satchel

  1. Hi! Does anyone know if this bag came in different sizes? Because the one on Saks.com and the one on NM.com are differently priced.. and there was even one on Saks from a while ago (that is the same price as the NM one) that just looks differently proportioned. Was it an older season? I'm so confused!! :confused1:

    1. The one on Saks now ($995)

    2. The one Saks had ($1050)

    3. The one on NM ($1050)

    Any information you guys have on this bag is very much appreciated! If there is a larger size, do they still sell it/where can i get one? Thanks!
  2. Hi there...

    Ok, the one "Saks Had"... they still have it in stock - I called tonite about it... and it's a gorgeous bag. I have it in a lighter color --- probably a caramel color... I will post a pic here so you can see it. It's a *LOVELY* bag. Also, I just ordered the *SAME* bag in a brown suede - I will be receiving it on Monday - so I can post pix then when I get it....

    To answer your questions... if I may, the one below in my pic is from Fall 2006. The one in the Saks image (the cognac color) is for Sprig 2007 (same size as one I have).... the white one, from NM, is a smaller version of this one. The size in my pic below suits me fine, and I'm 5'6"... w/o heels. I think the smaller NM one would be too small for me... just my opinion! Hope this helps!!!

  3. PS! Then NM white one, is the same size as the one above in the pic... the white one Saks "has" ($995)... is the smaller version.
  4. ^^^^^ I love your bag. Can't wait to see the pics of the other one.
  5. Thanks for your help! That bag looks beautiful and I think I've decided to purchase that one. How does the black one look? I don't have a black bag and I figure it might come in handy, haha.
  6. padparasha that is to diiiie for! do you have pics of you wearing it? with the strap too? it is gorgeous!!!!
  7. I love this bag. The leather is so nice too.
  8. Here ya go frayed_misfit! Enjoy... I'll try to get better ones in the a.m. :yes:

  9. Geez... these 2 were the best out of about 30 pictures I took. This camera doesn't allow for any movement at all, or the picture comes out blurry! Hope you enjoy... let me know what you want me to take and I will. :yes:

  10. padparasha i love the long strap!!!! i am so convinced now!!! thankyou! btw is the strap adjustable?
  11. wow padparasha, that is a gorgeous bag on you. what are the dimensions of that bag? That size looks perfect.

    thanks for sharing your pictures!
  12. Hi Ladies...

    The bag is about 14 1/2" wide by 10" tall, and 7" deep... give or take an inch anywhere on those dimensions because the bag is very slouchy and not rigid - so sometimes it can be wider and sometimes not... depending on what you put inside of it, and if you hold it by the handles or over the shoulder.

    It is such a gorgeous bag. I ordered it in brown suede and it's coming on Monday - I will try to keep my BFs camera till then so I can show you pix of that one... although I'm not sure of where else you could buy that one now since it's pretty much sold out everywhere. Maybe diabro's website.

    frayed_misfit... strap is not adjustable... but I think it hangs perfectly -- at least for me... I am 5'6"... and love where the purse lands on me.

    dukechickie... are you going to buy this one? I thiink it's a beauty, and you'd be happy with it. The inside of this one is canvas ... which I'm not a big fan of, but supposedly the inside of the suede one is "suede"... so we'll see.

    I'll try to take a few more pix of the bag for you to see later today.
  13. LOVE the pics!!So cute on you!
  14. :yes: :yes: :yes: *** Thanks Jill!! **** :yes: :yes: :yes:

    I love my :heart: Miu Miu's!!!
  15. Very Impressive Bag So Chic!