Miu Miu Buffalo Stone Bag @ Neimans Last Call

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  1. Hi Ladies: I was just at NM Last Call at the Primm Outlets in Nevada. They had several nice bags - a few Chloe Paddy Hobos, some Chloe Ediths and some nice MJ bags. I found this really cute Miu Miu bag that was reduced from $810.00 to $365.00. I got an additional 10% off for signing up for their email club and an additional 5% off for using my NM card. Total amount was just under $325.00 for a great bag!!:tup:

    Miu Miu - Buffalo Stone Bag - Saks.com
  2. Thanks for the post! Did they have any more Miu Miu bags?
    The link you posted didn't work!
  3. I didn't see any other Miu Miu bags, but my DH was waiting for me in the parking lot so I didn't have a ton of time to shop!:p The SA told me that they had just gotten the Miu Miu in that morning and also a couple of Prada bags which had sold within an hour. It's worth checking the store out if you are in the area as they always seem to have a decent selection!:smile: