Miu Miu Brown Suede Coffer?

  1. I've seen this on Netaporter's site but I've never seen one in person. Curious to know if anyone has one or has seen one IRL - & what your thoughts on it are as opposed to a leather coffer. I've been eyeing it for awhile and I love the coffer style but am unsure on the suede vs. leather. Any thoughts?
  2. I have the leather and have seen the suede many times in stores. My preference is leather... I think the leather goes so much better with the style -- you see the details much better. But i generally prefer leather anyway.
  3. I like the suede better than the leather. To me, it feels softer and the shorter strap feels more comfortable and not as hard on my shoulder. I tried on the leather one and it hurt a bit. Plus, I wear more casual clothes so the suede is a better match for me. Both variations look gorgeous though!
  4. Wow 2 convincingly different opinions - I love it! Actually I haven't seen one of the suede ones yet and I didn't know it had a shorter strap so that is an interesting tidbit of information. I'm going to ask a few SA to find one for me so I can see it in person. Thanks for the input!
  5. Yes, I believe the newer leather styles coming out for fall only has the longer messenger style strap. The suede and the older leather styles have both the shorter braided strap and the longer strap, so it can be worn multiple ways.