Miu Miu bowlers, likey or no likey?

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  1. I got this Bowling bag:


    for $200 less than the current price. For those of you who have it or considered it, do you like it or not? I'm a little concerned about the fact I have to carry it, it doesn't fit over my shoulder well.

    I like it but I would be giving up $500 towards bag savings (my allowance for February)...is it worth it? I love the color and the way it feels...

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  2. I actually have been thinking about that bowler bag too. In terms of price, during the Saks sale it was $400ish on the website (stupid me didn't get it then :crybaby:) and I saw it again on ebay bid started at $250 and ended at $500.
  3. I think it's really adorable!
  4. Kind of on the fence. I do like the look of it but it reminds of a piece of luggage and personally I would struggle to coordinate it with my wardrobe.
  5. I think it's the "luggage" aspect that kind of bugs. But as far as coordination, my overall look is tailored and the tri-color makes it go with a lot.

    The leather is great. It's just not practical. I have to decide whether I care.

    But the more it sits in my office, the less likely it is I'll send it back! :P
  6. i would have to say no likey to the bowler i am afraid, looks more like luggage to me and has no shoulder strap. The leather looks rather still and might be heavy to carry.
  7. sorry i meant stiff to the leather.
  8. :heart::heart::heart:
    I was actually considering buying the black/black blue version of this Bowler when I was in Hong Kong... it was at 50% off! but I listened to my BF and didn't get it... (b/c I was looking to buy a Nappa, not the laser cut bowler)....

    But I did get a laser cut long Miu2 wallets at 50% off (about US$190)... It was a great deal.... I am in love :smile::yahoo:
  9. I personally do not like these bags, but I am curious if it works out for you! Let us know!
  10. IMO this bag is not so classic, it will be dated
    in the next three months,
    if miu miu keeps producing this bag in the future,
    girl GO GET IT! NO DOUBT!
    i like it to death
  11. Gah! Can't decide!

    Is there some "test" you ladies have for getting off the fence I could steal?
  12. I prefer nappa leather type bags, or slouchy ones like the Coffer, Bow, shopper totes and ones that i can carry across my body with a strap as i dont drive and its easier. The bowler just looks too ridgid, like luggage and looks like something an old person would carry around in my opinion. This is only my opinion, others of you might LOVE it, you either love it or hate it really I think.
  13. Pass it to someone else to hang on to it for you for a couple of days and if you dont find yourself missing it, just send it back.

    Otherwise, keep it and use it for awhile and sell it off on ebay later on.

    Personally, I like the bag cos it looks really smart and structured.
  14. My friend actually got it from net-a-porter when they have the 20% off sale.. but it was way too big (she is 5'3") , so she has to return it. However, I got the long bowler (the green one in the miu miu ads), I Love it so much!!!!!!!. it is a pretty big bag, but being 5'8... i can pull it off! :heart:
  15. I think they look nice on others, but it's not for me. I like slouchier bags. VB has been seen carrying them. I actually thinks it looks good on her even tho she's tiny.