Miu Miu Bow Vitello Bag

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am deciding whether to buy a Miu Miu Bow Vitello bag.

    Does anybody know what colours are new for this season?

    For those that own this bag, what are the pros and cons? Is it heavy? What if it rains?

    Thank you.
  2. I don't think there are new colours this season. My SA has mentioned to me that Miu Miu have started to do bags in different leather rather than vitello. There are more options now than in previous seasons, but you have got to ask yourself which colour would suit your outfit.

    Pros of owning a vitello bow?

    • Classic colours will always match your outfit.
    • Leather is soft.
    • Leather has a unique look.
    • Can be used as an everyday bag.
    • Adjustable strap.
    Cons of owning a vitello bow?

    • You have to be very careful with the leather as it is very delicate (both handling and rain). Very prone to scratches.
    • Larger bow bags tend to be too big and can lose shape (I have to put a scarf/cardigan to retain its shape). I don't own a mini bow but I don't see it having any problems with maintaining shape.
    • Is heavy.
    Im sure other members here who own a bow bag can mention more of the cons, but this is what really annoys me about the bag. However, I do own a smaller bow bag (not mini) and I can say that I use it more than the large bow.

    If you're looking for durability, the madras bags are amazing :smile:.
  3. Thanks Azua! I've seen the bag in person now and it is gorgeous but it seems like you have to baby it a lot so I have decided not to buy it anymore!