miu miu bow satchel

  1. which color is this? and does anyone know where I can find it?!

  2. I would like to know as well..is there any hope of finding any bow satchel left? I would love a grey or light pink one...
  3. Where did you find that photo? I want one, too. In that color.
  4. thank you prada psycho!

    and carolina59, I found it on this girl's fashion blog
  5. Hey Danyell,

    Well, I wish I spoke her language. Looks like she's somewhere in the Netherlands. I love the color of that bag. By the way, I looked at the Styledrops site. They are selling it for more than Saks or NM, but it may be the larger bag--I think there are two sizes.

    Thanks for the info.
  6. That's the brown Miu Miu Bow Satchel I believe. They have that in stock in many websites. It's hard to find in stores but I've seen a few on eBay and especially around websites. If you'd like the links, I'd be glad to find them for you.
  7. annaversary, I would like to know the links for the websites too, thank you very much for your help! :flowers:
  8. She's Swedish ;)

    That bag is an amazing color, love it!

  9. If you go the eBay route, be forewarned that those bags are faked like crazy. Don't buy one on eBay unless you know Miu Miu bags very, very well or at least post the link on the Authenticate This thread.
  10. I haven't been able to find it on any legit websites in brown. If you have some links, I would love to see them. Thanks.

  11. i got this bag about a week ago from the saks in sf! it's a great bag with lovely, luscious leather!

  12. The brown bow that is currently available is the Sughero color. The leather texture is waxier with a sheen. It's the same leather as the Alumino (mispelt?) and Mughetto bows.

    I agree that this color is one of the most popular faked satchel along with the black bow. Especially with the waxier leather type.

    Apparently, it's easier to fake brown and black leather purses because dark colors tend to hide lots of blemishes.

    Please be very careful if you intend to go the ebay route. A high bid price is not a guarantee of quality.

    I personally love the color but not the leather texture, I've always felt that brown is best represented in a thicker grained calf leather but that's just my personal opinion.

  13. thats the exactly color I'm lusting for it in!! I'm pretty sure it's the sughero (sugar) color
  14. oh woops posted right after linpaddy, one of the miu miu authorities. so i guess it's definitely sughero :smile: