Miu Miu Bow Satchel

  1. Hello,
    I purchased the Miu Miu bow satchel today in Saks in the pink color. Is this new for resort or spring? I can't find it online.
  2. I love that color!! I thought it was spring. Did you get the small or the big one? I'm looking for the big one!!
  3. Hi,
    I got the big one. I got it in New York yesterday. It was a zoo in there. Tons of bags 40% off. Of course, not the one I bought.
  4. any pic to show?? congrats !!!
  5. Great bag! Congrats! Post pics when you can!
  6. Do you know if they have another one? I really want to get the pink instead of the grey. Do you mind telling me what the sku number is so I can have the SA search for me?

    Anybod seen the large one in pink anywhere? Thanks in advance!
  7. Congratulations! It's a great bag! waiting for the pictures.
  8. I got the last one, but when I receive it, I will get you the SKU numbers.
  9. Thanks!!! I called Saks and they kept telling me they didn't order the big one, i'm so frustrated. :sad:
  10. Can someone please point me to pics of this online somewhere?
  11. Omigosh, I've been debating between the black, beige or pink bow satchel. Please help by posting the picts of your new bow. Saks in LA only has it in black. :smile:

    PS: I bought a miu miu distressed leather satchel at the Christmas sale and the I in the logo fell off! I'm returning it today!
  12. Does the pink bow satchel is the spring colour?? can show us the pic?