miu miu bow satchel sizing

  1. I've had my eye on this bag for a couple of seasons. First saw it in chocolate suede but decided that suede wasn't for me and thought long about the white over the summer but decided against it as I'm likely to mark it.

    So was very happy that they did this bag in brown leather this season. Silly me though I decided to hold out in the hope they'd go on sale, instead they ended up selling out all over the place! :crybaby:

    I ended up getting a small chocolate brown from NAP which is still great, but I really wish it was larger!! Might sound crazy getting a bag I'm hoping to replace but I needed some kind of bow satchel I've been wanting this for so long as I *love* the style!!

    Does anyone know if the bow satchel will be returning for SS08?

    Also my main question is the size, does it only come in small and large? Or is there a medium as well?
    Thanks!!! :smile:
  2. Hi Lilana,

    I really like the bow satchel bag too!!! I like the brown one too but in smaller size though...
    I saw the brown smaller one in Holt Renfrew @Toronto 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to check it out in Las Vegas as I was gonna go to Las Vegas the next day.
    Now when I have decided to get it in Toronto, they said they don't have it anymore. Did you get the small chocolate brown from NAP just not long ago? I really wanted to get it but I don't see it on Net-a-porter.com anymore... Do you know if anywhere else still have the small chocolate brown one?


    This is the only large one I can find... it's in black...